The German Sense Of Humour


Maybe we under-estimate the German sense of humour. Going through Munich airport recently, an airport known for the toughness of its security regime, I had to remove my jacket, belt and shoes and take out my liquids, mobile phone and laptop.

“Soon we’ll be going through this thing naked”, I grumbled to the security guard.


He replied, instantly: 


“Next week”.



  1. Great blog as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this theme.

  2. Well … I passed airport security in Paris a couple of weeks ago, and the control guy found something “funny” with my bag (I had removed all liquids and electronic gadgets … of course), so I had to go behind a paravent (let me tell you, it’s frightening) and another guy went through every detail but didn’t find anything .. and, guess what ? he just let me go …
    A week later, I came back from Taiwan through Hong Kong where the only thing the security control guy seemed to be interested in was “mobile phone”… he kept asking everybody to put their mobile phone separate from eveything else … but he just stuffed my liquids back in my bag, saying “go, go” …
    All of this is froghtening because it means that security is just a word, not a fact !

  3. Interesting comment.
    Last week i went through the security check at Munich airport. Obviously, I also had to remove my belt and shoes before any attempt to walk through the metal detector gate. Result: no problem.
    On my way back from Barcelona, no need to remove anything. Result: no problem.
    NOW, once at home I decide to put a bit of order in all those documents inside my laptop case. Guess what I found inside my hand luggage??
    A 22cm long and sharp kitchen knife, I had inadvertently put in my laptop case several months ago.
    Conclusion: even if sometime in the future we will have to travel naked we will still be able to board planes and chop broccoli at 30,000 feet altitude.

  4. Well Veijo, maybe the guy wasn’t joking. We’ll all find out next week on the way back from Electronica.

  5. I see there the influence of a famous sketch from
    Monty Python: “the funniest joke in the world”.
    An extract (from wikepedia):
    “There were zwei [two] peanuts walking down der Strasse [street]. Und one was assaulted (a salted)… peanut!”

  6. I wouldn´t have too much faith in German sense of humour. But you are obviously under-estimating your effect on German security guards.
    And that is frightening in more ways than one.

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