Grand Opening Of Silicon Inn Next Tuesday


Many thanks to all who sent in their recommendations silicon-innweb-small.jpg

for branches of the Silicon Inn.


We thought we might as well kick off with an initial 60 Silicon

Inns around the world, in the hope that more branches will keep coming in from you all, as you travel around.


So we are announcing the Grand Opening of the Silicon Inn  next Tuesday.


The Spectacular Opening Ceremony with a cast of synchronised thousands, a ton of fireworks, and a mass piss-up opens on Tuesday at 8:30 am. 


One thing. Some of you have sophisticated tastes, or generous expenses regimes, because you’ve  been recommending what can only be described as cocktail bars. OK so they’ve got exotic waitresses and fancy décor but this really isn’t quite the thing.


Silicon Inns have decent beer. Either beer brewed on the premises, or beer brewed by a local brewery or micro-brewery, or well kept draft beer of high quality.


I know some of you may have fond memories of that slinky little number shipping out a Between the Sheets on a silver tray, but forget her. This, my friends, is serious stuff.

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