Scalp-Tingling In Nashville

Down to Tennessee for a bit of fun and have a great night out in Nashville.

After a couple of decent pints, brewed on the premises, at the Big River Grill (with a branch in Chattanooga), of which the best was a tasty pale ale called Nashville Steamer, we head out for the Broadway music bars. Legends on the Corner, Tootsie’s and The Stage are the ones we visit. The best band by far is the band at Tootsie’s a scalp-tinglingly talented group led by Westley Butler ( and including Patrick Owens (cellphone 606 899 4782). I didn’t get the names of the other two but each of them was the real thing, generating that excitement which comes from seeing real talent. After the show at Tootsie’s we have a beer with Butler and Owens at The Stage. One thing puzzles me: in the tiny loo at Tootsie’s, an enormous guy sits all night long. What on earth he’s doing in there, I just couldn’t figure out.



  1. Yeah, I think these guys are better than a lot in the spot lights today. Been listening to Westley for years, just met Patrick a month or so ago, but they sound like they have been together for a long time. When you add Drew Smith in the mix. Man that is good music! I wish them all the luck in the future. They really deserve it. You guys are on your way to the BIG SHOW…………

  2. Westley, It’s a pleasure. And thanks for a great experience in Nashville, something we’ll remember, All the best, David

  3. Hey David, thanks for the write up!!!!!! My sister stumbled across it this week. Glad you enjoyed the show. Keep in touch. “”

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