Ten Famous Canadians

Conrad Black has done us all a favour. When the conversation runs out in the pub, and some bright spark challenges: ‘Name ten famous Canadians’, we’ll all know at least one.

Until Black came along, the only famous Canadian most people could remember was that Prime Minister whose wife had it off with Mick Jagger. His name escapes me now, but after another pint it may come back. Then there’s some ice hockey guy, or ice skater of some sort, who quite a lot of people seem to know the name of. And that’s about it. So thanks Conrad. You may have been a bit of a mug letting your missus spend all your loot, but you’ve made a lot of guys, over a lot of pints, feel they’re not completely stupid. And, even better, they can then argue over whether Black’s truly a Canadian. After all he became a naturalised Brit in order to get an English peerage. Worth having another pint just to sort that one out, and get onto something even more tricky: Ten Famous Belgians



  1. Nice one Giacomo, thanks

  2. famous belgians:
    eddie merckx
    jacques brel
    that’s much for a small country..
    bye from Italy…

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