The Brewmaster at the Rock Bottom Brewery

The brewmaster at that fine American institution the Rock Bottom Brewery in Campbell California is not, so it seems to me, a businessman.

Naturally I’ve been in the Rock Bottom every night this week and, out of the eight or nine brews available, the one that is most to my taste is a hoppy number called TailChaser. Not that tail chasing is my game, nor could it be after a few pints of the stuff, for TailChaser has a mighty 6.3 per cent alcohol content. After a couple I’m feeling it. After four I’ve had it. Which is why I wonder whether the MBA course at Harvard wouldn’t be a useful investment for the brewmaster. Because I’m very happy to sit in a pub, or better still a brewery, all evening. But, if I’m knackered after four pints, it means I leave. So, instead of drinking six or seven pints of an evening, I’m only drinking three or four. Either the brewmaster over-estimates his customers’ capabilities, or, in some American macho way, he thinks that the more alcoholic it is the better, or he’s a purist making beer the way he wants without thought for profit. But I don’t see how it can be good for business. WARNING: They ring a bell for last orders at the Rock Bottom but you’re not allowed to order another drink if you have more than half a glass of beer left. A quaint custom.


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  1. It says a lot for the American attitude towards alcohol that they were (has this changed?) not legally allowed to put the strength of beer on bottles (or pump clips in bars) — the reasoning is that is people saw this they’d deliberately drink the strongest to get drunk quicker…
    I had a discussion with a microbrewer in California (why are all the beers so strong and served far too cold?), he said that people in the US didn’t want “weak” beer (even though he preferred English-strength ales, which are also harder to brew and keep in good condition) or “warm” beer (though we both knew that being frozen wrecked the taste), and he had to provide what the customers wanted (even if he didn’t agree with it) in order to sell the stuff.

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