“Is your business being affected by negative Internet content?” is a question asked in an ad I keep hearing on local radio.

I don’t know who puts out the ad but it could be Igniyte a company which offers to help companies deal with negative Internet coverage.

It is not uncommon for consultancy service companies to sponsor surveys which tend to support the need for their services and Igniyte has published just such a survey called a Reputation Report.

It concludes that one in five bosses say that dealing with negative coverage is the main focus of their Internet strategy.

Over half say their businesses have suffered from negative remarks.

Negative comment from competitors affected 43% of respondents, 42% have suffered from bad-mouthing from ex-employees and 30% have been affected by bad comments from current employees.

42% said that negative comment created by competitors was the worst problem.

The survey estimates that negative comments cost companies, on average, £46,815. Nine in ten have lost between £50k and £100k and 24% have lost £10k.

45% said they’d tried and failed to remove damaging posts, and 36% tried to talk to their critics.

So, concludes the Reputation Report, 10% go to a specialist agency for protection.



  1. To me too, Silverman

  2. Sounds like a protection racket to me!

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