Coming To Someone Near You – The Movie Tattoo

Ever heard of ‘transhumanists’ or ‘biohackers’ or ‘grinders’? Well these guys are involved in the interplay of human bodies and technology.

An aspiration of these groups is, apparently, the skin-crawling concept of moving tattoos.

Thankfully that’s some way off but one transhumanist is part of the way there by implanting an RFID chip in his body which can send a picture to a smartphone.

‘Net artist’ Anthony Antonelli has stored six frames on a 1kbit RFID tag and implanted it under the skin of his hand.

A smartphone held above the chip can display the images.




  1. A high tech version of the tramp stamp – how nice… not.

  2. Sounds great – rather than being branded by our mobile phones – we can now be branded like cattle. How wonderful!!!

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