Glassholes Are Suckers

If you’re a Glasshole you’re a sucker, reports which finds the components and assembly cost of Google Glass come to $80.

Yet Google put it up for sale recently for $1,500.

The most expensive component is a TI OMAP processor at $14; the camera is $5.66; the screen is $3; connectivity ICs cost $11; the NAND costs $8; the SDRAM $5; the battery costs $1; power management and audio costs $3.50 and assembly and test costs $2; an assortment of non-electrical parts and materials makes up the rest.

Google says the $80 figure is ‘wrong’ but doesn’t say what the real cost is. Google admits that Glassholes have been seen as ‘creepy and rude’.



  1. Gait analysis – Crikey, anonamouse, perish the thought.

  2. “So, my prediction for 30 years time, Jonny Wishpants, is that we’ll all be wearing baseball caps with very long peaks”

    Unfortunately, gait analysis would probably negate that in many situations, and I’m not sure about THz imaging.

  3. Well if Bond films are an accurate reflection of available or soon-to-be-available, technology, which I think they are, then the military have had facial recognition technology for a couple of decades which could easily have dribbled out to the likes of Google and that Israeli face recognition company which Google bought. So, my prediction for 30 years time, Jonny Wishpants, is that we’ll all be wearing baseball caps with very long peaks.

  4. jonny wishpants

    I think google just got a patent on a contact lens version.
    what will the world be like in 30 years time?

    is it all military tech research – which the digital leech spinning it as “advertising” technology to better serve us?

    Google is a psycho corporation now. What normal operation needs a reminder to “not be evil”

  5. Yes indeed Chris, Google Glass comes from the ‘spying on people is always good’ school of thought populated by assholes.

  6. Glassholes – surely the GL is surplus to requirements.

  7. Absolutely, DontAgree, cynical or what?

  8. So Google is now also starting to imitate Apple in selling overpriced gadgets?

    Clearly making it high priced automatically makes it more exclusive which makes it look more cool if you have one … but you would still be a Glasshole.

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