Implementing APPLE

That super-nice guy in the Apple store doesn’t find you particularly sympathetic – he’s just implementing ‘APPLE’ – an acronym for the steps which an Apple store employee should use in dealing with customers.

A is for ‘approach with a personalised warm welcome’.

P is for ‘probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs’.


P is for ‘present a solution for the customer to take home today’.


L is for ‘listen for and resolve any issues or concerns’.


E is for ‘end with a fond farewell and an invitation to return’.


APPLE works: Apple is getting over 60 million visitors to its 326 shops every quarter.



  1. Thanks, Keith, that’s a very encouraging story for other iPhone users like me. Also thanks for signing in – you have now been designated a ‘trusted commenter’ and your comments should go up instantly, without moderation.

  2. Well, my comment was just this.
    Several weeks back while in Holland I dropped my iPhone4 while getting out of the car. The screen shattered (although it held together, and the touchscreen was actually usable still albeit at the risk of sliced fingers).
    I wasn’t very optimistic as I went to the Apple store ini Solihull. After all, even though it was still under warranty, I’d dropped it. It was my fault.
    So imagine my surprise and delight when the super-nice Apple chap took a look and said “No worries, we’ll make an exception and give you a new one”.
    Now that’s what I call customer service.

  3. My wife and I were about to move to Munich and gave her Laptop (a very reliable and much- loved IBM Thinkpad) to our youngest, a student at Claremont College. We bought her a new laptop from HP. In Munich, and after two months the backlight driver packed it in. She made do for a display using the TV via HDMI, but HP’s response in Munich was, “stuff you, you bought that in the US.” HP US would not accept a package from outside the US, let alone return a repaired (2 month old) PC back there (stuff you, squared.) A plane flight to “personally return” the crap cost more than the HP laptop. Somewhat later we were in an Apple store in the US, and my wife asked, “We live in Munich. If I buy an Apple airbook here, and it goes bad in Munich, what will the warranty cover?” The reply??? “Why, we’re Apple. Our warranty is good worldwide. Wherever you might have purchased our product, the warranty goes with you.” SALE, Apple. Good-bye HP, forever – we hope you CHOKE on the slim profit you made ONE TIME with us. So okay, not everybody out there has to deal with international returns — but this company sides with its CUSTOMERS, a refreshing change.

  4. Well I’m very sorry indeed Keith if I did unwittingly delete it. I can’t find one on ‘Implementing APPLE’ from you. So I must have done. Many apologies. Please send it again. if you weant to be 100% cast iron certain of getting a comment instantly posted automatically without intervention by human hand – just register and I can designate you ‘trusted commenter’ and then everything you say will go up instantaneously.

  5. Well I guess my comment got censored. Not sure why though!

  6. It may be training rather natural niceness, but it bits the heck out of the attitude that most computer and related tools sales guys have.
    You know the one – “I am the expert on bits and bytes, know the latest lingo and you grey haired person cannot possibly be expected to understand.”
    Or have I just been unlucky?

  7. Professor WhapCaplett

    yay! apple need to keep the party going… not much more “disposable” income to mop out of folks credit cards left!!!
    sheeple luv apple

  8. There speaks a good old country boy, Dr Bob

  9. Maybe it’s just me but last year during a visit to the USA when our VP of Engineering said he would take us by the APPLE store I was expecting to see roundish objects with greenish/redish skins that are good to eat not phones and compters!

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