More IoT Bollox

Despite he existence of the Qualcomm open-source software AllJoyn for connecting IoT devices, Intel and others have announced their intention to create a different standard called the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC).

Samsung, Broadcom and Intel subsidiary Wind River are the other members of the OIC.

Intel says the OIC is different to AllJoyn because the OIC software will be developed collaboratively while AllJoyn’s software was created by one company.

Another difference between AllJoyn and OIC is that OIC does not have any software. The code is not expected until later this quarter.

Intel is also a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) with GE, AT&T, Cisco and IBM for standardising IoT connectivity.

Intel says that the difference between OIC and IIC is that OIC will focus on offices and homes and IIC will focus on industrial applications.

Sounds like more IOT bollox.



  1. The image on that piece you reference looks very like my sitting room floor, SilverMan, I went through all my permanently connected plugs a couple of weeks back and disconnected 7 which were unnecessary but drawing power. Mind you IOT is mainly about wirelessly connected stuff where power saving is handled much better, but the crazy numbers of connected devices thrown about by people like Cisco show an airy indifference to the downside of power usage.

  2. Networked Gadgets Waste 400 Terawatt-Hours of Energy Every Year

    Hmmm? What will happen when the IoT has billions of things talking bollox? Wasting energy?

  3. Theoretically that’s true Fred but can you imagine a sophisticated device like a toothbrush being addressed by a simpleton device like a lightbulb? It might feel insulted. It might blank it out.

  4. > If the Toaster can talk to the Toothbrush..
    That’s just silly – the Toothbrush should be talking to the Microwave Oven and Toilet, not the Toaster. The Toaster should be taking to the Refrigerator and Bread Bin. The Washing Machine needs to communicate with the Toilet, Refrigerator, Microwave and Waste Disposal to work out what happened to that dodgy curry that’s being lying in the fridge for days. Finally, they all need to connect to Amazon to order up the various supplies as determined by each appliance. Easy ..

  5. A Doctorate at the very least, I should say, Adrian

  6. Adrian Whatcaplett

    If the Toaster can talk to the Toothbrush have I just invented the IoTT ?

    Should I brand this IoT 2.0 or just IoT squared ?

    Probably I should present this at a TED conference to crowd-source the idea further and silo the feedback to into data silos for a cloud-computing back-analysis to result in some vision pathfinding options?

    Do I get my MBA in the post?

  7. Oh Yes of course it is, we are witnessing the development of the tools of our enslavement, zeitghost.

  8. Are we sure that the IOT isn’t A Cunning Plan by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

    Next thing to look out for is Your Plastic Friend who’s Fun To Be With.

    Douglas Adams was clearly prescient.

  9. oh yes Keith, you can sense Intel’s alarm at Qualcomm taking over the IoT interconnect standard. As you say, Open = Stitch-up

  10. In my experience of the industry, anything with ‘Open’ in the name is most definitely not. It’s controlled by one or more companies who want you to conform to their ‘standards’, usually for a price.

    Hence ‘OpenAccess’ (not open at all), ‘OpenWindows’ (remember that Sun stuff) and countless others.

  11. i can’t see that problem on my device, Bob, but Mike Bryant pointed out a problem with the Comments this morning which was passed to IT. Hope they sort it. Apologies for any inconvenience

  12. Yes, SilverMan, I can’t believe the industry collectively believes in the IoT bollox but it’s a convenient thing for execs to tell Wall Street analysts because it makes it seem as if there’s the possibility of more upside for the execs’ companies’ share prices. Once the bollox gains traction and general acceptance, execs can’t tell the Wall Street analysts they think IoT is bollox because it would look as if the execs are being delinquent in addressing this exciting new opportunity. But in reality people have been connecting transistors since 1948 in order to automate functions and this process continues just as it always did – call it what you will.

  13. We’re all supposed to get excited about our fridge talking to our toaster or something like that aren’t we?

    What will the “Things” chat about? Does anybody care? And does the toaster need to be on the global internet?

    Does Hovis have anything to say about this?

    IoT means Internet Of Toasters? Right?

  14. TLA recursive David!

  15. Ah thanks for that, Another David

  16. Three-Letter Acronym – or how to keep outsiders out of what you are talking about

  17. TLAs Fred?

  18. OIC over IoT – I’m having problems keeping up with my TLA’s.

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