IoT Over-Hyped, says Gartner

The Internet of Things is the most over-hyped expectation in Gartner’s annual ‘Hype Cycle’. ‘

IoT, says Gartner, stands at the “peak of inflated expectations” making it the single most over-hyped technology on the planet.

As well as IoT, autonomous vehicles, consumer 3D printing and wearable computing are all over-hyped, says Gartner.

Over-hyping precedes the “trough of disillusionment”, says Gartner, when people realise that the technology is never going to perform as well as hoped.

Examples include gamification, augmented reality, and NFC.

Then it may enter the “slope of enlightenment”, where the technology’s potential starts to be realised.

If it is, then the the “plateau of productivity” is reached for real-world use. For instance, Gartner reckons speech recognition has hit that plateau.



  1. Well Charles Ferguson CEO of Vermeer Technologies tells in his 2001 book High St@kes, No Prisoners on page 132 how when they were preparing for their IPO they needed a white paper and negotiated with several analysts for one and eventually paid $15000 for a white paper by an analyst “who wrote exactly what we told him to.” All credit to Future Horizons for not getting into this nefarious kind of scam.

  2. I wish Malcolm and I were ever presented with the moral dilemma of being offered $50,000 or even $100,000 to gild a turd ! Unfortunately I suspect our reputation precedes us and we don’t get such offers.

  3. Oh Yes, Silverman, the marketing boys will have to come up with something a lot more defined than IoT if they’re to create a new IC market segment

  4. At least you have been calling it BS from the start!
    The whole IoT crusade reeks of desperation.

  5. Oh absolutely Mike, Future Horizons have said IoT and wearables are piffle from the start and good for them. But FH are a rarity in being honest analysts.

  6. Well of course the analysts play a great part in the hype cycle, SilverMan. A company goes to the analyst and says ‘We’re about to market a gilded turd, it would be helpful if you could you write a White Paper to say that gilded turds will command a billion dollar market by Q2 2015.” “OK that’s no problem that’ll be $50,000,” replies the analyst, “and if you’d like an in-depth market survey carried out concluding that the gilded turd market will be worth $5 billion in 2017, $10 billion by 2019 and $20 billion in Q3 2020, then we can do that for you too for a mere $100,000.” Then, of course, the analyst can sell a report to the newspapers that gilded turds are over-hyped and will never be a significant market.

  7. That’s hardly fair – it’s been Gartner that have been overhyping IoT all along. Everybody else knows the FH description applies better.

  8. Gartner over-hyped IoT, says Gartner

    Those wise guys should have a “gilding the turd” phase preceding their “trough of disillusionment”.

    Presumably the marketing drones should have their own “embarrassment of fees” phase. I think that is a persistent state though?

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