Milton Keynes (Who Else?) Falls For IoT Bollox

If something’s worth doing it’s worth paying for. Intel founder Bob Noyce used to say that he stayed clear of taking military money “because I thought it was an affront to any research people to say that you’re not worth supporting out of real money.”

So when Milton Keynes says today that it’s setting up an IoT network with BT and Neul, you have to wonder who’s paying for it?

Because the question mark over IoT is: What is the business case?

Interestingly, one of the only two use cases (the other being dustbin monitoring) for IoT networks instanced in today’s announcement is the provision of dynamic information on parking spaces.

That is exactly the same use case as was quoted to me by ARM’s CTO when I asked him for the IoT business case.

The only one of these I know of is the IoT-based parking scheme which has been installed in San Francisco – paid for out of taxpayer dollars.

Not what Noyce would have called “real money”.



  1. Ah yes indeed, Duncan I sat through many a presentation by Echelon at that time which was saying exactly the same thing. Thank God it never materialised. To me the most wonderful thing about home is that most of what I do there does not depend on electronic controls, connectivity or automation – all of which, in the computer and comms worlds, lead, IMHO, to mind-rending exasperation and frustration.

  2. Just saw this and thought it was amusingly relevant to what David calls the IoT bollox. Perhaps Microsoft should have started developing a tablet instead.

  3. Yes luvly jubbly bollox for morons, harry-off-the-boat, marketing at it’s sloppiest, whimpiest and stupidest.

  4. harry off-the-boat

    the something of things – yawn – could marketing get any more lazy?
    this is typical of the mash-up culture we now have. pathetic.

  5. Yes Silverman, IOT could enable a hostile world.

  6. So IoT dynamic pricing can allow the hospital car park to increase pricing during an epidemic then.

    Perhaps IoT can allow some chap driivng his wife to the delivery room to pay top dollar for his parking space – since he is likely to pay anything?

    Man is wolf to man.

  7. Sadly, Terry, that’s very true

  8. Entirely agree with your ire at the dynamic extortion racket David, but don’t blame the technology, blame the MBA pricks who try to pervert every new innovation into a new opportunity to gouge.

  9. What’s worse, SilverMan, is that San Francisco uses the system for ‘dynamic charging’ i.e. the fewer spaces there are available the more you pay. That takes gouging the customer to a whole new level. God rot IoT.

  10. Car parking is already an extortion racket. Here in Belfast our city hospital handed the car park over to private hands. The result is that people are exploited with eye watering charges when their eyes are already watering due to other reasons.
    The twit from ARM wants “an ARM in every space” does he?

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