The New Trappists


There two professions you never see on the TV – engineers and investment bankers.

Now I can see why the employers of engineers don’t want their engineers on the telly, because engineers tell the truth – it’s in their DNA –  it’s difficult to fudge on Ohm’s Law.


I remember Toshiba’s engineers once telling us there was absolutely no way they could get an FPGA architecture to work while, simultaneously, Toshiba management were telling us the FPGA project was going ahead.


Engineers tell the truth; managers tell porkies


And I suspect the same is true with investment bankers – many of whom have a mathematics background.


The very nature of their job is that they assess the truth to a sometimes anal degree of detail and, when you do that, it’s difficult to then go on TV and tell untruths on demand as required by management.


So the banking boffins are also kept off the air because it would show to the world the truth of what they do.


And that would be destructive to the way in which banks like to portray themselves.


But truth is the only route to progress.


A good start to the new decade would be if all banks and engineering firms decreed that their employees could talk freely in public without fear of reprisals.

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