Wearables Bollox

Wearables were, IMO, bollox until I got my Gear2 – and now I would not be without it.

It is easier to take and make a phone call and check emails and texts from your wrist than extracting a phone from your pocket.

It seems the bollox-talking classes are picking up on this.

Something called a ‘digital agency’ with the name Brilliant Noise, says that an analysis of eight million on-line conversations (mainly Twitter but other sites as well) shows that mentions of wearables went up from 973k in Q1 2023 to 2.8m in Q 2014.

It all sounds flaky as hell, but the agency says that the most mentions of wearables went to:

1. Fitbit
2. Google Glass
3. Nike Fuelband
4. Pebble
5. Samsung Gear
6. VivoFit
7. GoPro
8. iWatch



  1. @George : I can confirm it is David’s better half that controls the mute – she just stares at him in a particular way πŸ™‚

  2. Well thanks a bunch, FK Wearables, I like my Gear and only a shallow and insecure person would say that I shouldn’t.

  3. I don’t want and don’t need wearables. IMHO – wearables is a next fad that shallow, insecure people might be prone to.

  4. I get caught out occasionally, george, but most of the time she doesn’t read it. Even when she does I don’t think she’s surprised by the views though she might moan a bit.

  5. David, your remark leads me to believe the the love of your life never reads “Mannerisms”! πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks Terry. I learnt a long time ago that the only stupid stance in tech is to be dogmatic about anything because almost anything is possible and almost nothing is impossible. Trouble is I keep breaking my own rule.

  7. Respect David, it’s not everyone who has the courage to publicly change their mind in response to evidence. Politicians should try it more often.

  8. Absolutely you’re right, SilverMan, but if you’re on your own it’s convenient and easy. The quality of the speaker is good enough to make it audible from a foot or so.

  9. Perhaps it is a safer way from drivers to receive phone calls. However privacy is a problem talking and listening to ones wrist in a crowded or noisy environment is it not?

  10. That’s the next step, Mike, and If it has a remote-controlled mute feature that would be very welcome in some cases. Just imagine putting the love of your life on mute.

  11. Look on the bright side Bitter, when we’re machines we’ll be able to drink bitter all night without having to go to the loo, get brewer’s droop or suffer a hangover.

  12. And once you have your comms implant under the skin just at the back of the jaw bone you won’t even need the watch ! πŸ™‚

  13. I’m looking forward for that ultimate surgically implanted bio-medical IoT device. An iProbe under the skin.

    Say hello to the inevitable cyborg revolution. Soon I am become machine.

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