Android BAN

A BAN (body area network) created by an Android phone app can monitor heart, brain and muscle activity and transmit the information to a remote medical centre.

IMEC, which developed the app says: “With this interface, we are the first to demonstrate a complete BAN connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance, brain activity and muscle activity.”

Data collected by the wireless sensors it transmitted to the phone where it is collected, processed and stored, as well as sent over the internet if doctors need to view it remotely.


Alarm thresholds can be set to send out automatic alerts. Communications links include SMS, e-mail, data transmission over the internet and GPS to track user location


“The mobile phone’s hardware is extended to operate with low-power communication protocols and low-power radios, enabling long-term medical telemonitoring,” says IMEC.



  1. Assuming that the phone did not “no network coverage” or have “signal strength indication issues” with the way that the person was holding the device when they where having the hart attack.
    Would be intersting to see what the lawers have to say about a mobile / wireless network supporting life critical enviroments.
    Suspect that the carrying of all the get out clauses and not for use in life critical eniroment statements would have killed any user with any health issues first.

  2. A long time ago in a place far away from where I am now I worked on Ambulatory ECG recorders which had the capability of creating alerts in the event of cardiac problems.
    It was quickly dropped when it was pointed out the effect of positive (actually negative in practise) feedback on the patient who when getting the inforamtion that something was going wrong with their heart may actually go that one step further and join the choir eternal.
    I suppose now with the phone doing this function it could automatically place a call to the undertaker to cut out the middleman.

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