Bozotti To save World

Is ST going to save the world? An ST chip has been certified by the Singapore National Public Health capable of identifying Swine Flu.

ST’s lab-on-a-chip, which marries a micro-array to micro-fluidic analysis, uses the diagnostic expertise of  Veredus Laboratories of Singapore to identify the Swine Flu virus in a one-off test. Current testing methods for Swine Flu involve multiple tests which take time.

Anton Hofmeister, a group vice president and the general manager of the microfluidic division at ST, claims: “In face of this global pandemic on A(H1N1) influenza (Swine Flu), the combination of ST’s lab-on-chip platform with Veredus molecular diagnostics expertise stands out as a powerful tool in its ability to provide rapid and accurate identification of the virus.”


Having devised a swift diagnostic tool, the next stage is to combat the virus’ resistance to drugs as it mutates.


“Our next step is to enable the chip to check for drug resistance in Influenza A(H1N1) as it mutates”, says  Dr Rosemary Tan, CEO of  Veredus, “this will significantly enhance its capability to combat potentially deadly variants of influenza viruses.”

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