Good Old Asians


Beautiful Harmony Semiconductor Inc – sounds catchy doesn’t it – but, according to TechEye, this is the name which Marvell will use in China.

‘Beautiful Harmony’ is supposed to encapsulate the essence of the win-win business philosophy which Marvell  aspires to espouse.


It makes a change from all those engineerologisms like Xicor (ex-Intel-corp) and Altera (Alter-able) which Silicon Valley-ites love to concoct for their start-ups.


According to TechEye, the reason for calling the company Marvell when it was founded in 1995, was because, in the words of Marvell President Weili Dai, “Our goal was to build a marvellous company.”


For a while, Western companies adopted this practice of having nice, harmonioius aspirational names for companies – Infineon, Lucent, Agilent come to mind – but, lately, the new names have gone back to being boring acronyms and tech-isms.


So Good Old Asians – you’re bringing back a bit of colour to the high-tech scene – more power to your elbows.


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  1. The best Western names were those named after the founders such as Hewlett Packard and Wang. This indicated it was the owner’s company, the buck stopped with them and there was absolutely no intention of selling out to others to control the company.

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