People Frequencies

One of the things which people and chips have in common is that they’re both measured in frequencies.

We may not like to think we measure people in terms of frequencies but, whether consciously or unconsciously, we do. We have to admit to ourselves that, for some people, it’s just too much to see them more frequently than once a day. For other people, regrettably, once a week is too frequent, and even the kindest and sunniest of us probably knows someone for whom once a month is about the highest frequency they can be encountered without a twitch of the facial muscles and a sinking of the heart. For both our pleasure and self-protection, we measure people frequencies, and we push for encounters with those in whose company we delight, and we guiltily seek to shirk meetings with the bores and bombasts. At one end of the spectrum are the horrors who rate a once a year frequency, and there’s even a minus frequency for people one would run a mile from. At the other end are the people who thrill us to bits.

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