Atom Bombed

The tablet market aka the iPad, stopped netbooks in their tracks this year, reports IHS iSuppli, with Intel seeing a 32% drop in Atom revenues,

Netbook shipments showed  double digit growth in 2008, 2009 and 2010, then plunged 33.5% this year.

IHS says 21.4 million netbooks will be sold in 2011 compared to 32 million in 2010. By 2015, that will be down to 13.5 million units.

That compares to about 60 million tablets being sold this year compared to 18 million in 2018.

When  you pay $500 for  an iPad and $350 for a netbook it’s a bit of a no-brainer to buy the iPad.

Netbooks seemed like a very good thing. I’ve bought two of them (one got nicked) and the deficiencies of IPad for word processing mean that a netbook, or somethng like it, will usually be necessary for word processing.

But that netbooks have met there Waterloo within four years of launch shows how fast the tech market moves.

Only a genius consistently calls it right and that guy, sadly, is gone.


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  1. What we need is a Netbook but with a solid state disk!
    Did I hear someone say Apple notebook air?
    Well yes, but not at $1200!

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