HP Flogs WebOS To LG

HP is selling WebOS, acquired in 2011 when it bought Palm for $1.2 billion, to the Koreans.

The WebOS staff, associated web-sites, code and documentation will be transferred to LG but the basic patents remain with HP.


WebOS was designed for mobile devices and HP did launch TouchPad based on the OS but quickly withdrew it.


LG says it will use the OS for TVs.


Yesterday, at MWC, HP announced an Android-based tablet called Slate7.


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  1. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    I had a Sony Ericsson phone on its last legs and waited a long long time for a Palm Pre with webOS to appear on the shelves here. It never appeared.
    HP complained of low sales – the reason was most likely that they never really offered it widely. An indication of this was when they cleared the stores of their webOS phones and pads: everything was gone in a matter of hours.

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