Putin Goes For ARM

Vladimir Putin is plumping for ARM.

Concerned about US spying, Putin has decided to build a Russian processor to supplant x86 in government computers.

Russia believes that x86 processors may have back doors in them to send back information to the Americans.

The new Russian processor, dubbed Baikal, will use the ARM Cortex 64-bit A57 core.

Baikal will be developed by T-Platforms the Russian developer of supercomputers which sold a system to New York State University two years ago.

In April 2013, the US Department of Commerce banned T-Systems from using ICs made using US
technology. However the ban was lifted last January,

Four years ago Putin said he was moving all Russian government computers to Linux.



  1. I agree, SilverMan, after perestroika the West seemed to go in for humiliating Russia rather than helping them join the family of nations. Ordinary Russians I know bitterly resented the loss of status and respect. Now they’ve got the oil, the West is regretting its short-sightedness while the Russkies are flexing their muscles

  2. There is too much lazy thinking when it comes to Russia. People in their minds associate them with Soviets. Which they certainly are not any more. That all collapsed and as a people they have struggled to get up off the mat after their experiences in the 90s. Hugely talented and smart people. We can’t relay on them being held back anymore by the soviet “planned economy” bollox anymore. So we have to learn how tro compete honestly.

  3. ..for still small voice better for putler/russkie

  4. Ha Ha, Dr Bob, maybe IronFist after an architectural tweak or two.

  5. Surprised it’s not the StrongARM…….

  6. yes indeed Alan, then the Yanks were refusing to give technology to the Russkies, now the Russkies are refusing to take technology from the Yanks. what goes around comes around.

  7. My how things come full circle.
    ARM spun out of Acorn Computer, who made the BBC Micro, which used the 6502 microprocessor, and they were banned then from selling it to the Russians back in the ’80s

  8. Indeed Fred you might say he’s Putin on the (binary) file

  9. Ah Yes SilverMan and Russia has a lot of committees. There could be hope yet for x86.

  10. > Putin Goes For ARM
    And a leg too..

  11. Providing they get a source-code licence from ARM it should be secure enough I guess.
    Years ago the Elbrus team were blazing a trail with SPARC based microprocessor development. They were bought off by Intel however and that was the end of that.
    SPARC in general was a good idea (an IEEE standard for a micro) but the industry moved faster than the commitees and it ran out of steam.

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