If twice as many smartphones as PCs are sold this year.

If smartphones are the only thing used for computing in emerging countries.

If more of the computing functions usually done on PCs are now being done on tablets.

If ladies prefer tablets to PCs.

If tablets outsell notebooks this year – and NPD DisplaySearch say 204 million notebooks will be sold compared to 270 million tablets.

Then Steve Jobs’ remark that tablets are cars and PCs are trucks will look prescient

While Ultrabooks will be seen as the last throw to resurrect PCs while paying a graceful compliment to the company which preceded them in launching consumer computers.



  1. @Mike thanks for the compliment!

  2. Yes indeed we are. I like the compact size of netbooks and my Asus has 7-8 hours battery life. If I could get a netbook form factor with notebook oomph I’d go for it, but all netbook form factors now seem to come with Atoms – which actually do the job OK for me

  3. Probably true but in Eurostar premier class most people are there because of work.
    But I think the market for MacAirs and Ultrabooks is largely female. Presumably men like a bit more to lug around 🙂
    I do notice I’m the only one still using a netbook though. Me and you are a dying species 🙂

  4. You’re right, I overstated the case. Anyone working would prefer a notebook to a tablet. My iPad is too unpredictable for work. My experience is that ladies who would never use a computer outside of work wilk happily pick up a tabket.

  5. > If ladies prefer tablets to PCs.
    Thinking back to today’s trip from Brussels to Manchester by train I would say women mostly either had laptops (often thin MacAirs or Ultrabooks) or smartphones.
    It was the men with iPlads.

  6. Mike
    I agree

  7. Mr Cynical
    I said “The overwhelming majority”. I can’t get in-design and photoshop apps for a tablet – which is why my desktop computer has just undergone an upgrade, including two 22 inch monitors. What I paid would have bought two tablets and still left change

  8. A life ????

  9. dick If you wanted me to swap from a laptop to a tablet I cannot do it as you cannot get an app for say Racelogic data logger?

  10. Specialised apps are not what the overwhelming majority of tablet users want. They want web based things like facebook, twitter and email. They want to listen to music, watch movies and read e-books. Apart from that – what else do they need?

  11. The other problem surely is that you can’t get many of the specialised programmes that run on Windows on an Android or Apple tablet?

  12. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    Tablets are good for pointing and clicking and possibly handling already made media but not as good as PCs for inputting large amounts of text. A move from PCs to tablets implies to me a more passive use of computers. I am not sure that would be a good thing.

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