This Year’s Big Thing

What’s the Big New Thing this year? Micro servers, say American analysts IHS.

What’s the Big New Thing this year? Micro servers, say American analysts IHS.

Shipments will be 3x up on 2012, say the analysts.

291,000 micro servers will be shipped this year an increase of  230% from the 88,000 units of  2012.

Shipments of micro servers commenced in 2011 with just 19,000 units.

Shipments by the end of 2016 will rise to some 1.2m units.

The penetration of micro servers compared to total server shipments amounted to a negligible 0.2 percent in 2011. By 2016, this will be over 10%.

Micro servers are general-purpose computers, housing single or multiple low-power microprocessors and usually consuming less than 45W in a single motherboard.

The machines employ shared infrastructure such as power, cooling and cabling with other similar devices, allowing for an extremely dense configuration when micro servers are cascaded together.

The 2011-16 CAGR for micro servers is 130%. For the server market as a whole the 2011-16 CAGR is 26%.

‘Intel unveiled the micro server concept and reference design in 2009, ostensibly to block rival ARM from entering the field,’ says IHS, ‘ARM, however, is gaining greater support from software and OS vendors, which could potentially put pressure on Intel in the coming years.’

ARM expects its first significant revenue from chips selling into servers in 2014.

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