Why The PC Is Toast

I like this foil from yesterday’s IFS2013 presentation by Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, on why the PC is in decline.

For Consumers … They’re Just Not Sexy Anymore

For Enterprise … Windows XP Please (It Works & is Stable)


No ‘Must Have’ Software Application Since Netscape!!!


Prices Way Too High (Thanks Intel)


Software Far Too Boring (Thanks Microsoft)


User Experience Far Too Frustrating (Thanks Wintel)


Windows 8 ‘Expectations’ Never Materialised


Little Wonder The PC’s Finally Been De-Throned? (Except to Intel and Microsoft).



  1. Good Grief No, Mr C, only what I’ve read and been told.

  2. Mr M, you seem to know a lot about sex?

  3. And sex makes a lot of money too, Mr C. I note that while Steve Jobs’ salary was $1, Tim Cook’s 2011 salary was $378 million – so maybe there’s an inverse relationship between the amount you pay for sex and the quality of it.

  4. Mr M, yes but sex costs a lot of money!

  5. I always thought that Mac guys were horrified to hear their kit described as a ‘PC’, Keith, so Yes, Malcolm was referring to Wintel machines which, it seems, even when copying Macs as in Ultrabooks, are unloved by consumers. Mac is sex on legs.

  6. “For Consumers … They’re Just Not Sexy Anymore”
    I think my MacBook Pro is pretty sexy with its retina display, SSD and 8 logical cores on an i7 which means I can compile code fast… Or did Malcom really mean to say “why the Microsoft PC is in decline”?

  7. I can concur “Windows 8 ‘Expectations’ Never Materialised”

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