Why The PC Is Toast

I like this foil from yesterday’s IFS2013 presentation by Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, on why the PC is in decline.

For Consumers ... They're Just Not Sexy Anymore


For Enterprise ... Windows XP Please (It Works & is Stable)


No 'Must Have' Software Application Since Netscape!!!


Prices Way Too High (Thanks Intel)


Software Far Too Boring (Thanks Microsoft)


User Experience Far Too Frustrating (Thanks Wintel)


Windows 8 'Expectations' Never Materialised


Little Wonder The PC's Finally Been De-Throned? (Except to Intel and Microsoft).



  1. Good Grief No, Mr C, only what I’ve read and been told.

  2. Mr M, you seem to know a lot about sex?

  3. And sex makes a lot of money too, Mr C. I note that while Steve Jobs’ salary was $1, Tim Cook’s 2011 salary was $378 million – so maybe there’s an inverse relationship between the amount you pay for sex and the quality of it.

  4. Mr M, yes but sex costs a lot of money!

  5. I always thought that Mac guys were horrified to hear their kit described as a ‘PC’, Keith, so Yes, Malcolm was referring to Wintel machines which, it seems, even when copying Macs as in Ultrabooks, are unloved by consumers. Mac is sex on legs.

  6. “For Consumers … They’re Just Not Sexy Anymore”
    I think my MacBook Pro is pretty sexy with its retina display, SSD and 8 logical cores on an i7 which means I can compile code fast… Or did Malcom really mean to say “why the Microsoft PC is in decline”?

  7. I can concur “Windows 8 ‘Expectations’ Never Materialised”

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