China Spy Phone Banned By E-Bay

The BBC reports that e-Bay is refusing to sell a Chinese smartphone pre-installed with spyware.

The phone, called Star N9500, was found by the German security firm G Data to be relaying personal data to a China-based server.

No one knows who makes the Star N9500.

The spyware programme was disguised as the Google Play Store app.



  1. Yes indeed Fred, it’s a sign of global 007-style paranoia.

  2. Ha Ha, SilverMan

  3. The whole spying thing is a mess of apocryphal misinformation and untutored imagination IMHO, DB.

  4. Even if it does relay information to a China based server, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the Chinese spying on you, if Snowden is to be believed. Maybe, it’s looking for your PayPal account details, otherwise it’s hard to understand why eBay would be bothered.

  5. A cynic may suggest that it was one of the big brands, trying to warn consumers off picking up low-cost clones on eBay….

    (Don’t think even I am that cynical, though).

  6. Indeed. The approved spyware is android or apple’s iOS.

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