GPS To Go To 31cm Resolution

The US GPS constellation will be showing features smaller than 50cm following the lifting of technical restrictions.

The imaging firm Digital Globe applied to the US Department of Commerce for the restrictions to be lifted and now says that GPS will be able to show 31cm-sized features.

Digital Globe will now launch new satellites to take advantage of the finer resolution. The first of these will launch in August.

The finer resolution will be available for general use.



  1. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    Hmm, are you really sure about this? GPS is navigation, not imaging. Imaging satellites have had these restrictions on level of details.

    GPS is limited in that the origin of the coordinate system is not defined better than 1 m. Using carrier tracking you can however obtain 3 mm resolution.

    Trivia: GPS sattelites (strictly called Navstar) do more than sending out navigational data, they also have detectors for nuclear detonations, ref. Vela incident. Still, this is not quite imaging.

  2. Spot on grax, Galileo is an embarrassment

  3. definitely a HUGE technology allowing new applications …. while EU Galileo still remains “on-slide” with hundred of people (well) payed to make conferences, writing email, drink cafe and producing tons of PPTX …

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