iWatch In Trial Production At Quanta

Reuters reports that the Apple iWatch will move into,production at Quanta in July.

The commercial launch of the iWatch will be in October, says Reuters.

The screen is said to be 2.5 inches on the diagonal and protrudes slightly from the band.

The interface will be touch and the charging will be wireless.

Messaging and voice will require a paired iPhone. The iWatch will only be compatible with devices running iOS.

Apple is said to be planning to ship 50 million of the devices in the 12 months after launch. Quanta is said to be responsible for 70 % of the production.

Smart watches have been launched by Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG with little market success.



  1. Well Rich, if it comes in the form of a wide band all of which is a 360deg 100% active display which can signal emails, texts, phone calls reminders and other communications while being able to easily check and book cabs, trains, flights, hotels, restaurants and appointments and if it had lots of attractive colours going on and off then it could be compelling. It would certainly be very visible and, if Apple can make it trendy, then every consumer of a gullible bent would yearn for one.

  2. Yes indeed unless the iWatch is capable of doing something exceptionally useful I won’t want it Keith, and with people trying to add useful features to electronic watches since the 70s and signally failing, I think the chances of that happening are slim.

  3. David, it might just be me, but i cant bring myself to talk to inanimate objects in public. Although i quite like the thought that next time my flight is delayed, i would be treated to a mass of business people all shouting down their sleeves trying to work out what they should do next!

  4. The best watch I had (and still have, as a backup to when my current one breaks, see later) was a Casio Illuminator which had an electroluminescent backlight, so you could read it in the dark. It was nice and easy to read and only had one button: to set the time. I bought it in 1996 and have only changed the battery twice in that time – cost a couple of quid at Maplin. Oh and it was waterproof to 200m, not that I took it much past 30m.

    I foolishly went for a Tissot Touch a few years ago, well at 10x the price you’d think it would be better? No. It doesn’t have a second hand and has no backlight, just dimly luminous hands that aren’t bright enough to see at night. It has a small digital display which further clutters up the display, but I can’t read it without my glasses. And it has all sorts of features that I’ve never used, like telling me how high I am (in an altitude sense), what the weather is (so I don’t have to look out the window), an alarm I’ve never figured out how to use, a stopwatch (ditto), a compass (ditto) and a thermometer, which requires you taking the watch off for 30 mins, how very useful. Oh, and after 18 months it broke down, and I had to send it back for (albeit free) repair.

    So I remain to be convinced by ‘smart’ watches. I wonder if the iWatch is waterproof?

  5. what if you can ask it “what’s the best fare to New York on June 28?” or ” what’s the best.hotel deal in LA week beginning July 1?” or “who’s going to win the 3:30 at Ascot this afternoon?” then it would be worth having, DontAgree. The thing is we don’t know what it will be able to do

  6. So with such a watch I can save another 1 second of my response time to a phone call or email? Sorry but I don’t see the killer app for this. I certainly don’t want to worry about the ‘battery life’ of my watch … I am used to a battery life of about 2 years …

    The best watch ever made (in my opinion) is the Timex Ironman, but sadly the version I like is no longer available.

    I think that the iOS limitation would definitely hold it back, just like the iPod would have been far less successful without Windows support.

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