A Neat Bit Of Gear

My youngest daughter gives me a Gear2 for my birthday and, rather to my surprise, it’s a neat piece of kit. It is sufficiently garish to make people realise I’m wearing something out of the ordinary, it brings up notifications of new emails and text messages as they come in and will display them in full if so instructed, and it has voice recognition for phone calls so you say “Call X” to your wrist and it dials the number and allows you to make a call talking into your wristwatch which has a good enough speaker to let you hear the replies.

Odd though it may sound, making a call on your wristwatch is strangely pleasing, possibly because it re-awakens Dick Tracy memories. Gear2 seems to have an excellent battery lifetime. I used it for half of yesterday and it had 83% charge left at the end of the day.

The trying thing is that it keeps counting my footsteps and displaying them prominently on the watch screen. It has given me the arbitrarily chosen target of 10k a day. I have no intention of meeting this target but I can’t avoid being made aware of the daily number I achieve and I suspect that, psychologically, it will encourage me to walk more.

So far I haven’t found a way to turn off this pedometer feature and, while it remains un-stifled, it gives yet another opportunity for my little grandson to prod me by regularly checking on the number and telling me it’s time to take a hike.



  1. There’s a thought Mark, the Morality Police will probably be making it compulsory to monitor wrist activity

  2. If it’s good at measuring steps – must be even better at measuring wrist movements! Google could target that junk email to the right place then.

  3. True Keith like many things it’s one of those things best done alone

  4. I think I’ll wait on wearables until they can handle “Beam me up Scotty”… and do it. Talking to your watch in public must look, err, rather idiotic.

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