Super September

Nearly into September which is always faintly depressing, but the tech scene should make up for autumnal mellowing.

On the 4th Samsung is expected to launch its smartwatch. Smartwatches have, up to now, been eminently resistible but you never know with Samsung, they have all the technology and the imagination to do something compelling.

On the very same day, Sept 4, Sony – making a determined effort to resurrect itself in consumer hardware under new CEO Kaz Hirai – is going to launch a phone which is expected to be something special. A lot is riding on this for Hirai-san, now 16 months into his CEO-ship, so it is unlikely that this phone will be a me-too.

Then on the 10th comes the big one – supposedly a brace of iPhones – the 5S and and a cheapo version called the 5C (C for cheapo?). Plus, of course, the tingling prospect of an iWatch.

One of the big anticipated launches that’s not going to happen in September, or even this year and maybe not next year either, is Google Glass – the controversial computerised spectacles which may be seen as not suiting the post-Snowden anti-snooping zeitgeist.



  1. You’re right Mike, Samsung watch a laughing stock, Apple 5S a yawn, Sony phone a non-event. Gosh how we media people hype crap. I am suitably chastened.

  2. OK, I’ve had a nice sleep. I see there is indeed a Samsung Watch, Sony phone and the iPhone 5 but no iWatch.

    Has the world changed in any way positive?

  3. A harsh judgment, Mike, I loved my iPhone 3G and I love my iPad 2 despite its quirky ways although I’m beginning to have feelings for my Galaxy S4. All of these things have made my life easier.

  4. The only thing to do with any product from 1 Infinite Loop, California is to make scrumpy with it.

  5. Better than Orrible October I guess

  6. You never know Mike maybe the iPhone 5S can brew a pint of Abbott. Then you’ll be an early adopter.

  7. Yawn ……………….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Wake me up on the 11th.

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