The Ten Most Desirable Brands In Britain

Thanks to CoolBrands for this one – its list of the ten most coveted brands in Britain. This year, the iPhone knocked Aston Martin off  CoolBrands’ top spot in 2008, and Apple had three out of the top five brand names. Here is the top ten list.


Aston Martin














Bang & Olufsen





  1. I think you’ve pretty well hit the nail on the head, James S, we become what we covet and if this is it, then everything you say is correct. God help us

  2. Crikey ! What does this really say about our society ?
    That we are a bunch of frivolous techno-dweebs
    who cannot imagine life without elecronic gizmos ? What happened to core family values such as eating, drinking and being merry ?
    With the notable exceptions of the Aston and Google the rest are surely forgettable children’s toys, aren’t they ?
    Harrumph !

  3. That’s exactly it, Djonne, coveted = desired = loads of fanboys. I really think Apple deserves it.

  4. Bang & Olufsen better than Bowers & Wilkins :'( :'( :'(
    Does most desirable brands mean brands with the most fanboys (3 Apple brands…)?

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