One of the oddest things about Steve Ballmer’s resignation was that he kept banging on about Microsoft becoming a ‘devices and services’ company.

Asking various people what this meant, I was told that this means Microsoft wants to get into the same business as Apple.

If this is so then Microsoft is insane.

When iPhone started sticking it to Nokia, I asked a Finn why it didn’t respond with something of its own.

The Finn replied: “Because Nokia sees itself as a software and services company.”

So the biggest software company in the world sees itself as a devices company and the biggest phone company sees itself as a software company.

These top chaps get quite delusional.



  1. Yes indeed Terry, prepare for the announcement of a name-change to DeviServe

  2. It’s kinda odd that a devices and services company has a name that rather suggests they’re in the micro-computer software business.

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