Glassholes Unite: You Have Nothing To Lose But A Grand

You too can be a Glasshole. The specs, which boast a BOM of $80, are on sale for £1000 in the UK. Well sort of. The version being sold for a grand is a beta version.

Google says it wants buyers to report back and tell Google what they think to help shape the future of the product.

So you get an unfinished product consisting of $80 worth of components for £1000.

Wacky California or taking the p?

Google’s cautious approach to marketing Glass – which was launched two years ago – suggests that it is not quite sure which.

Clearly Google doesn’t want to have a highly visible disaster on its hands.

At the same time Google doesn’t want to ditch a project which has attracted so much publicity both good and bad.

So far Google’s been taking very small steps.

Glass has been through three hardware revisions and many software updates.

Recently Google held a one-day Glass sale in the US but didn’t tell us how many orders it got.

Now the UK is being asked to judge on the wacky vs piss-take issue.

Glass connects to your mobile phone and can take video pictures for about 45 minutes before running out of battery.

Suckers, I mean technology-astute early adopters, can buy Glass on-line or go for a trial at Google’s ‘Basecamp’ recently opened in King’s Cross.



  1. You’re obviously frightfully posh, SilverMan

  2. I would like a monocle version!

  3. Yes indeed grax, bullshit baffles brains.

  4. GoogleGlasses uses a 10FOV optical engine from US based Microvision.
    I bought (exactly) same device from Microvision in 1999 …

    Marketing is US weapon #1.

    my respect!

    PS: what about the cost-quality of all windows OS? …

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