Intel Lags ARM In Windows 8 Product Development

Sarcasm, they say, is the lowest form of wit but this was a beautifully crafted gem of the genre from Microsoft’s Mark Martin: “We look forward to the new Atom-based offerings from Intel to complement the already strong Windows 8 and Windows RT ecosystem.”

The sting in the tail of this barb is that Microsoft has yet to approve any Windows 8 tablet using the Intel Clover Trail microprocessor which is Intel’s x86 processor for Windows 8 tablets, while tablets using Windows for ARM microprocessors (Windows RT) are at a more advanced stage of development.

It is said that what is holding up Microsoft’s approval of Windows 8 tablets using Clover Trail processors is that Intel has failed to deliver the necessary power management software.

It is also being said, by the web-site SemiAccurate, that Clover Trail is a power-gulping ‘bloated nightmare’ which is larger than its ARM based alternatives despite being made on a 32nm process compared to the 40nm process used in the ARM-based alternatives.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini started the spat with Microsoft by saying Windows 8 is not ready for release.

It’s not the only odd thing Otellini has said recently.Take, For instance, this Otellini bon mot: “Windows 8 is one of the best things that ever happened to Intel.”

Is it on a par with getting the 8088 designed into the IBM PC? Or inventing the EPROM? Or launching the 1103?

Funnily enough, Windows 8 doesn’t appear quite so potentially promising for Intel as any of those achievements.

Meanwhile, the day when the Wintel Wall is due to fall, with PC makers able to use an alternative to x86 for running a Windows OS is October 26th.



  1. My apologies for putting you to so much trouble, Bitter. It’s a revealing old yarn isn’t it?

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