Buying some lavender-scented soap in he market at Fayence yesterday , the seller tells me that the soap is made in Sault in the foothills of the Alpes Maritimes where there are prodigious lavender fields and where there used to be many small makers of soap scented with lavender.

But these small soap manufacturers were closed down by Brussels.

He told me the technical reasons for the closures but my French wasn’t fully up to grasping them.

But it occurred to me how absurd it is that an organisation set up to represent a Continent of 750 million people should occupy itself with closing down small soap manufacturers.

Forging trade deals with China, standing up to Yankee commercial imperialism, co-ordinating the scientific research of a major region – all are the remit of the highly educated, highly paid Brussels Eurocracy.

But closing down small family soap-makers is absolutely not.

This is mission creep – the busy-body interference of the petty pen-pusher.

C’mon you Brussels guys, get a sense of proportion.



  1. I wish I still was, Dr Lolo, but after a lovely week there I am now back in rainy old England

  2. Are you still in south of France ? If yes, push on me an email.


  3. Be careful Scunnerous, as soon as you pop the cork you’ll probably have Interpol knocking on your door

  4. According to this blog it’s due to excessive costs to satisfy EU regulations on “safety assessments, toxological reports and testing carried out on each product that they make.” Even minor variations like lavender and rosemary require a full separate assessment. Now where’s that bottle of “boutique” absinthe I stashed in the closet?

  5. Ha Ha DB, touché

  6. And in todays ‘Delusions’, David urges politicians to stop acting like…. politicians.

  7. Very likely Dr Bob. I was sitting at dinner last night next to a Dutch lady who has a house down here who told me they’d done the same thing to the small local cheese makers. it’s pathetic how Brussels can take such a mighty bureacratic hammer to address such trivial issues

  8. Probably the wrong shaped soap!

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