Intimations Of Mortality For Cloud Computing.

Last week the Cloud Computing operation of Microsoft went for a Burton.

There was a service outage for about two and a half hours on Friday morning which left millions of Microsoft’s Cloud customers without access to Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive and other services.

Microsoft attributed the outage to the DNS address system.


When PCs routinely come with half a terabyte of storage, when the wireless links are flaky, often over-burdened and sometimes non-existent, when multiple-terabyte external drives cost £50, it would seem that the debate between the relative merits of Cloud vs local storage is a no-brainer.


For everyone except a deranged marketeer with surplus server capacity to sell.



  1. No, Mr Cynical, the bugbear of my life is links – I’m always finding they go down, are overclogged with traffic, disappear just when you need them, often require complex and lengthy log-on procedures and are the greatest single cause for aggravation in my life. The idea of relying for more of what I need on links is absolute anathema.

  2. Not “Cloud Cuckoo land” then?

  3. Except when your hard drive goes for a Burton… or is stolen…

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