Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

In all my born days I’ve never seen a scandal which involved, simultaneously, Parliament, Government, Judiciary, Police and Press.

The wonder of it is that the publicity-seeking Archbishop of Canterbury hasn’t (yet), managed to get the Church involved as well.

It’s the oldest story in the book: Hubris. News Corp got too powerful for its own good.


It could destroy whoever it wished; it could sway an electorate; it could bend potentates, politicos and policemen to its will.


Dangerous stuff – especially when the power is handed to youngsters: James Murdoch is 40, the flame-haired temptress is 43.


When tyrants grow old, and their power is devolved to young people untutored by experience and unfettered by responsibility, watch out. Power without responsibility equals danger – as Stanley Baldwin warned.


Police, Press, Parliament, the Judiciary and Government are supposed to be there to protect us and secure our liberties.


When they turn against us, who is there to protect us?



  1. Omnes est! Sometimes, we must depend upon ourselves.

  2. Yes, greg, naughty old Rupes knows more tricks than a barrelful of monkeys, he’s not done yet. We’re runnning a poll tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) on what he’ll do next.

  3. Rupert is unfortunately looking quite spritely for his 80 years. At some point not too far off I imagine they’ll put him in the ground but in the meantime It’d be nice to see them use his naughtiness to make him pay some tax. As far as the temptress…slut, I believe I read was one of the solutions to the final NOTW crossword.

  4. It’s difficult to say how toxic the other News International titles are going to become, John, I have to say I couldn’t bring myself to buy the Sunday Times last weekend despite a lifetime of reading it. I can’t see the Murdochs closing down any more papers – the NOTW closure already seems rash and premature – so maybe someone will buy the other titles off News Corp and things will go back to being normal. It’s horribly difficult to call. My personal feeling is that if the Sunday Times left out electronics this year – that’s a lucky break for the electronics industry. As for advertising with News Corp – I’d say that’s risking getting tarred with a mucky brush.

  5. David
    NMI convinced the publishers of the Sunday Times Best 100 companies to include the category of electronics this year as it was missing… Hmmm – with the black cloud looming over News Corp and advertisers distancing themselves I wonder whether we should further promote this!
    What says you?

  6. Ah Yes, of course, Robertl, I forgot about the CofE’s feeble threat that they ‘may’ sell their £4 million worth of shares in News Corp – as if that’s really going to put the wind up Murdoch. So now the Church is involved along with Parlt., Govt., Cops, Press and Judges – a motley melange fighting for cred.

  7. Although Rowan Williams does not appear to have spoken much on the topic, the CofE Financial Responsibility people have threathened to disinvest from NewsCopr. I don’t think it’s too clever selling when tha share price is depressed. Surely they should buy enough shares to force a proper inquiry and kick all the malfeasants out on their pustulous derrieres! Or at least pass all the relevant information to the CPS so that they can end up in jail.

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