The White House Apps Store

Here’s an interesting wheeze posted today by the Chief Information Officer of the USA on the White House web-site: the US government is to have an Apps Store.

‘Today, I am excited to announce that we have launched to help continue the President’s initiative to lower the cost of government operations while driving innovation within government’, says Vivek Kundra, the US CIO, ‘ is an online storefront for federal agencies to quickly browse and purchase cloud-based IT services, for productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.’

Kundra says the US government spends $75 billion a year on IT and this could be reduced by adopting the use of cloud computing in the federal government through


No.10 Downing Street could follow President Barack Obama onto The Cloud and provide some efficiency-boosting, cost-saving Apps for the UK’s government ministries and agencies. Like:


An App to calculate the cost of an aircraft carrier


An App to identify paedophiles working near children.


An App for Councils to fairly calculate the Community Charge.


An App to monitor MPs’ expenses.


An App to track suspected terrorists.


An App to monitor academic progress in schools.


An App to link government R&D budgets to existing and proposed R&D projects.


To my mind, Kundra is on to something here.




  1. One takes your money and delivers BS, Peter, the other takes your money.

  2. so the difference between a government and a business is what?

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