Watching the American election and the recalcitrance of Florida to come up with a timely result, reminded me of a breakfast a couple of weeks back which we shared with a lovely lady and her husband in gorgeous

Vernon Square

in Darien, Georgia.

Talking about the up-coming election this very gracious lady surprised us with a stinging comment on the electors of Georgia’s neighbouring state, Florida, a pivotal swing-state.

“We call it Flori-duh,” she said pointing a finger at her temple. She added that the problem was the electors of Florida were too dumb to vote.

Yesterday I read that Florida voters suffered from a handicap – a ten page ballot paper encumbered by 11 constitutional issues placed on the paper by the Republican-dominated local Florida government.

Getting through these issues meant it was taking voters ages to vote. Some were still queuing around midnight apparently.

Did the local politicians engineer things to discourage voters?

One is suspicious because Florida has form – the voting in Florida in the Bush v Gore election of 2000 was such a mess that the Florida result and with it the US Presidency was decided by the US Supreme Court.

So I don’t know if the lovely lady of Darien was right, or if the voters of Florida deserve better local politicians.

P.S. I have to add that I’ve never had to queue to vote in England in my life. I’ve walked into the polling station, been issued with a ballot paper, put my cross on it, stuck it in the slot and walked out – all in couple of minutes. Why do the Yanks have this quadrennial problem?



  1. I See the final result is expectted at mid-day on Saturday (unless there’s a recount) and Presdent Obama was declared re-elected at sround 2am on Wednesday morning. That lady I had breakfast with was spot on calling it Flori-duh.

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20257843
    Almost there … unless they have a recount

  3. The Georgia people are just delightful, Dr Bob, they couldn’t do enough for us when they realised we were English. We were deeply touched by their kindness and hospitality. Mind you we didn’t meet any religious nutters – thank God.

  4. Also apparently most Americans refer to Missouri as Misery.
    Must be endemic over there to insult each other or just state the truth?
    PS I suspect that most have only just come from the trees particularly those in the bible belt 🙂

  5. Yes, anonymous, so far as Flori-duh is concerned, but I understand there were queues to vote even in the Northern states.

  6. Not sure if it is a yank thing?
    It could, though, be a confederate issue?

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