G-Men For Dublin

Edward Snowden remains America’s most influential man. For the country whose business is business, Snowden has raised a thorny dilemma.

Microsoft has told a US Federal Judge that Snowden’s revelations mean that trust in US companies is low and that if the government wins a current lawsuit against Microsoft then that trust will be further eroded which will, ultimately, erode US companies’ global competitiveness.

Microsoft is joined in its view by Apple, Cisco, Verizon who say that if the US government wins the case it would result in ‘dramatic conflict with foreign data protection laws.’

The Microsoft legal case hinges on an email stored on a Microsoft server in Dublin.

The US government says it is entitled to see it. Microsoft says it isn’t.

Microsoft is arguing that the writ of the US law runs only so far as the US border.

The US government says that a valid subpoena, order or warrant can apply to documents stored outside American territory.

“Congress has not authorised the the issuance of warrants that reach outside US territory,” asserts Microsoft, “ the government cannot seek, and a court cannot issue, a warrant allowing federal agents to break down the doors of Microsoft’s Dublin facility.”

Are the Navy Seals about to slither up the Liffy? Will the Black Hawks be landing in Phoenix Park? Is US business on the hook?

All will be decided in court on the 31st.

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