Office for iPad

An announcement that Office will be available for iPads should come out on March 27th.

An announcement that Office will be available for iPads should come out on March 27th.

This will be an interesting move by Microsoft because it may accelerate the demise of the x86-based PC which made Microsoft’s fortune.

It has been estimated that Microsoft will initially make about $2.5 billion a year from the product.

It is thought that basic versions of Office for iPad will be free, but updating to premium versions will cost.

Now that Microsoft is looking to be a mobile devices company it would be clearly very odd if it kept its best product off mobile devices.

Microsoft has been flirting with the idea for years, investors have been urging Microsoft to do it for years and the product is said to have been ready for months but internal wranglings have stopped it from happening.

It seems that the new boss is imposing himself on events.



  1. Even though you still can’t delete from the left in Pages, which still irks me, I have to say I like Pages more than Word now, Keith. That’s probably just familiarity after two years with an iPad. Microsoft have probably left it too late for me – maybe for others too..

  2. Also, I don’t know if you have tried running Orifice on a Mac, it is horribly slow. The Mac equivalents (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are much better, can read and write Orifice documents, and are cheap/free.

  3. Well Keith, I suppose you have to email them to a device which does have a port or print them

  4. So the first question is how do you get your documents on and off the iPad, or is it entirely cloud based, which means you’re stuffed if you have no internet access?

    When the iPad has a user accessible file system and a USB port at least to access that file system is the time I might buy one. Until then, forget it…

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