So many Americans pronounce Huawei as Hawaii that it has been suggested that the world’s third largest smartphone supplier should change its name to Hawaii to make it sound more friendly to Americans.

This is important because, although Huawei has been increasing its handset market share worldwide, it has been losing share in America.

Furthermore, the American government has been investigating whether Huawei poses a threat to US national security.

So Huawei’s image needs a polish.

To that end, I think there’s a better name than Hawaii for Huawei and that is: WhoAre We?

Accompanied by the brand slogan: “The company with a sense of humour.”

People patronise cuddly companies  – Apple seemed cuddly until it started disdaining its customers.

WhoAreWe? has the ring of humble irony to endear itself to consumers.


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  1. An alternative solution is for the Americans to learn to pronounce Chinese. With an increasing proportion of their country belonging to China it could turn out to be a useful skill for them.

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