Will GloFo Buy IBM’s Semiconductor Division?

Globalfoundries is expected to buy IBM’s semiconductor division, Mike Bryant, CTO of Future Horizons, told last week’s IFS2012 meeting in London.

“We assume Golbalfoundries will buy IBM’s semiconductor division and that Hynix/Micron will buy up the remaining smaller memory companies,” said Bryant.

Asked why he assumed Globalfoundries would buy the IBM semi business, Bryant replied: “It’s just one of the industry rumours we hear. A lot of key IBM people are working over at Globalfoundries.”



  1. That will get reported as ‘xyz’ no commented rumours’ that it will invest in Graphene/ appoint Pistorio/ buy ARM/ drink Abbott

  2. hehe ok. If I put in a slide of what WILL NOT happen will that get reported correctly ?
    How about :
    Intel to buy ARM.
    STM to make Pistorio CEO.
    UK government to invest in graphene semiconductors.
    ASML to give EUV exclusivity to Intel.
    David Manners to drink a pint of Abbot.

  3. Sorry, Mike, Her Majesty’s Press are an excitable bunch. Give ’em an 8pt footnote and they’ll deliver a 36pt headline. Mountains, molehills, that sort of thing . . . .

  4. Odd how a small explanatory footnote on a slide becomes the main talking point all the journos picked up on and the main point gets ignored. In future perhaps I’ll put all the main points at the bottom of slides in about 8pt text 🙂

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