How Big Is Too Big For LCD?

I slept last night in a former monastery in the middle of a lake near Munich, courtesy of Sharp, who hold an annual forum there.

No, I reply to those knowing questioners, the spirit of monks past did not encourage me into to any monkish pleasures. Nor did I suffer the slightest inclination for a spot of flagellation. LCDs are getting bigger, it was stated by Maximilian Huber, President of Sharp Microelectronics Europe, and one wonders if humans can keep up. Recently I saw a 50 inch-er in full glorious HD action. The effect was mesmerising and the on-screen effects were immersive to the point of drowning. But after a while I found myself involuntarily closing my eyes just to shield them from the light of all those mega-billions of pixels. Later I heard that the owner of this magnificent 50 inch beast, which had cost under three grand, had been looking to find a medical consultant specialising in headaches. Obviously, if your sitting room is big enough you can handle a 50 inch-er. But I don’t think many are. At some point this market will have to find other ways to go than just producing bigger displays. TOMORROW: THE TEN BEST ANALOGUE CHIPS

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