Race For Glasses-less 3D Hots Up

The Japanese electronics manufacturers hunt as a pack, and when Toshiba announced its glasses-less 3D LCD panels earlier this week, it was a racing certainty others would follow.

Sharp was the next one to show with a 3.8 inch and a 10.6 inch display. Unlike Toshiba's 12 and 20 inch LCDs which are for TVs, Sharp's panels are for mobile phones and tablets.

Not far behind Toshiba and Sharp - with a demo planned for next week at The British Library - will be Sony's 'autostereoscopic' display. Austostereoscopic apparently means glasses-free 3D.

However Toshiba seems to have stolen a march on the rest of the Japanese electronics industry because it says its glasses-less 3D panels will be in commercial products this year.

The time-table for commercialisation of the Sony and Sharp technologies has not been announced.

Toshiba's panel has 8.29m pixels - about 4X more than an HD panel. The final image is transmitted with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The panels have an LED backlight which positions 1,440 LEDs directly under the LCD panel. Each pixel can support red, green and blue. Image data from each pixel is replicated nine times.

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