Fable: The Boy Who Got The Bug

There was once a boy who was inspired to adopt a career during mountain walks.

“My curiosity in physics was brought about by my uncle during various wanderings through Austrian mountains where we went for excursions at the weekends,” he says, “when you go for hours on end on these mountain walks, it gets a bit boring and my uncle – who was the local jeweller and who had a doctorate in physics – started talking to me about atoms and electrons and how you can actually make gold out of lead by just injecting some more protons. It was absolutely fascinating and I started reading books about atomic physics, then about relativity and quantum physics. I just got the bug.”

In his 20s, the boy became the  CEO of a start-up which went public making him, according to the papers, the 12th richest man in England. Later he became a VC and founded many successful companies.

Moral: It’s never to early to find out what you want to do.



  1. yes indeed, PhotonCounter, the great Hermann it was

  2. That’ll be Herr Hauser David.

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