Fable: The Boy Who Repaired TVs

There was once a boy who was fascinated by TV. At the age of 13 he was repairing his neighbours’ TVs.

His first job was at a TV manufacturer.

“It was fantastic,” he says, “we were the first people in the UK to work on solid-state colour TVs and I was fortunate enough to be designing chips for them.”

Describing these ICs to the Royal Television Society brought him to the attention of a large US IC manufacturer who pursued him with job offers.

He joined a start-up, made millions and was knighted.

Moral: Love what you do



  1. Spot on Mark, the great Sir Robin Saxby it was.

  2. Definitely not “Sir Alan” but “Sir Robin”

  3. No, not His Lordship, SilverMan

  4. Is this a sugary tale?

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