Fable: The Bringer Of Light

94 years ago, a company was founded named after a great explorer.

The explorer’s feats had brought light to the Dark Continent and the company’s founder intended to bring light to automobiles by making lightbulbs for them.

The company founder was ambitious because very few cars were being made in his country. Even by 1933, 13 years after founding his company, the number of domestically produced cars was under 1,000.

But the company still produces lightbulbs for cars today with a revenue of over $3 billion.

Moral: Inspiration can lead perspiration



  1. Now you’re talking Fred – the late great crevasse creeper and supreme enlightener the legendary S.L Osram – but actually it wasn’t S.L. it was, as Dr Bob said, Stanley.

  2. no not Lucas

  3. Or the famous explorer Stanley Lucus Osram ?

  4. yes Stanley it was, Dr Bob

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