Fable: Chance

There’s a guy who gave up his degree course to become a hotel credit manager.

He then went travelling and, while in Hong Kong, got offered a job by a paging company.

He said he’d do it for a year.

After a year, he was persuaded to stay on for another year and, at the end of that year, he was offered a big job which led to a huge job sorting out a failing wireless network.

Four years later the network was IPO’d at a value of  $2.5 billion and four years after that it was sold for $30 billion.

Moral: Take chances



  1. It was about the great Canadian Hans Snook, George, the founder of Orange.

  2. So, who was this fable about?

  3. Absolutely Antony, Hans Snook it was

  4. Moral: work with smart people (and go to Hong Kong if you dont find them near to you)

  5. I agree with you, DontAgree.

  6. It works for some, I am sure it doesn’t work for all (I know a few of those), I strongly suspect it doesn’t work for most …

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