Fable: The Good Idea

A year after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone,  an engineer working in Japan’s Ministry for Industry thought this was something worth reverse engineering.

He succeeded in doing so and, four years later, decided to set up a company to manufacture telephones. It was the first Japanese company to do so.

The company diversified into PBXs, teletypewriters, minicomputers, printers, ATMs telecoommunications infrastructure and semiconductors.

Last year the company had sales of $5 billion.

Moral: It only takes one good idea.



  1. Yes Mark, stealing stuff, according to Pablo Picasso and Steve Jobs, is what great artists do.
    “Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Picasso.
    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” – Jobs
    But, as you say, Meucci seems to have been well ahead of Bell – by 5 or 6 years.

  2. apart from the small matter that Bell didn’t inventr the telephone, he stole it from Antonio Meucci!

  3. No, Boltzman, but you got the right number of letters in the name

  4. Nippon Electric Company (NEC) ?

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