Fable: The Goose That Didn’t Lay

There was once a company which said it would implement the fastest roll-out of a wireless technology network in the history of the USA.

The company’s proposition was that a single one of its base stations, operating off unlicensed spectrum in the 902-928MHz frequency band, could provide a VOIP service stretching over 1,000 square miles and that the US could be covered with a VOIP wireless network for $15 million.

The commercial kicker was that the company said that it made a 90% margin on each base station costing $50,000.

So far it hasn’t happened.

Moral: Not every goose lays a golden egg



  1. Yes indeed, Mike, I have to say the journos universally slagged it off.

  2. Not so much a golden goose as a reverb unit. The band is so full of crap that you need to store and forward all the time and in the end the VoIP service proposed had potentially more delay than a satellite link.

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